• I will not share or distribute client’s data, ideas, or any other information found or shared in commission tickets.
  • As a freelancer, i agree to provide support to clients for 30 days after the product is completed.

  • As a freelancer, i will discuss anything and everything within the scope of the commission with the client in question in the ticket provided and will not take anything to DMs or private chats/servers.
  • I agree to not disband or leave the Discord while I have claimed orders or other tickets. I also agree to provide a notice of at least 72 hours to management when leaving the freelancer team or Discord.
  • As a freelancer, i agree and know that I can be removed from a commission if the management feel like I can not handle or treat it well.
  • As a freelancer, i agree that i will never accept payments directly to my PayPal or other form of payment from clients, and that all payments for commissions completed through OnceStudios will be conducted using OnceStudios bot system.

  • I agree to not scam the company or clients of OnceStudios.

  • I agree that I will notify management of my absence if one is taken.
  • By accepting a position within OnceStudios, you agree to every term stated in this document. If you have any questions or concerns with the terms listed here, please contact a member of upper management.


  • Do not talk in direct messages with clients or server members about commissions.
  • You must talk to clients only in English in the tickets. You are only allowed to talk in another language if clients ask to do so; asking clients to talk in another language or starting to talk in another language without the client’s instructions is not allowed. This can cause a strike and you may lose the ticket.
  • You will follow the company’s Terms of Service and understand that your client may be refunded. More information can be found in our Terms of Service.
  • Under the 30 day support policy freelancers are expected to help the clients with their issues and bugs in the product, and if the product does not match the originally agreed details, you must fix the product/service.


  • Payments from clients and to freelancers are made by [email protected]
  • If you are unable to complete a commission, you must notify a member of the support team privately so we can professionally remove you from the client’s ticket.
  • Do not claim commissions you cannot complete or do not have the available time to do.
  • If a client opens a chargeback or leaves in the middle of the commission, the freelancer may not be paid in full or in part, depending on the circumstances and decided by management.
  • If a client opens a chargeback after a finished ticket, we take over ownership of the product that was created and are allowed to resell it to retrieve our losses.
  • Currently, the cuts in commission payments are as follows: 20% to the freelancer and 2% to the CM.
  •  Please note that you are not paid immediately upon completion of the commission. A payment request is created automatically when the ticket is archived. Payments are only made on Monday, but if a commission is completed on this day, it is likely that it will not be paid until the next payment day (so payment for a commission completed on Monday may not be sent until next Monday).


  • As a freelancer or manager, you will directly represent OnceStudios while interacting with clients and completing their projects. Therefore, you must have appropriate behavior towards everyone who is part of our Discord servers.

  • You will not take any client to DMs and you’ll communicate all the updates and progress in the official commission ticket.

  • You will not be rude, offensive, or toxic towards clients or any member of OnceStudios. Any discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise hateful speech on the basis of a user’s race, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, country of origin, ability, socioeconomic status, or other identity falls under this term. Additionally, any speech that is discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise hateful to any marginalized group also falls under this term. This extends to any medium in which this type of remark or joke can be told, including in writing, voice chats, videos, images, or links. This also includes the use of slurs.
  • You will respect all the members, clients, freelancers and OnceStudios management, and will act adequately professional towards them.
  • As a freelancer, you will keep your clients constantly updated, providing an update every 24 hours at minimum, and will always update the client when they ask you to.
  • As a freelancer, you will not use copied or pirated software, documents, plugins, etc. when completing an order for a specific client; all the work will be fully yours.


You can receive a warning or strike for breaking the staff rules/guidelines or breaching the Terms Of Service/Privacy Policy. 3 warnings are equivalent to 1 strike. You can receive a maximum of 2 strikes (or 6 warnings) before being demoted, put under review, or removed from OnceStudios.

You may be given a strike for the following:

  • Client is refunded for unsatisfactory product
  • Client is refunded for missed deadline
  • Inactive/ignoring messages in tickets and DMs
  • Disrespecting or arguing with clients, freelancers, or staff
  • Breaching the conduct expectations
  • Communicating with clients in DMs
  • Having to leave a commission after full or partial payment has been made

You may be given a warning for the following:

  • Not posting an update to clients within 48 hours of them asking for one
  • Making claims or promises inside a commission that you cannot keep
  • Not replying to a client’s question within 24 hours
  • Recommending external services for your beneficial gain (unless asked by the client)

 The warning will expire after 3 months.
 The strike will expire after 3 months.


OnceStudios offers 2 types of products:
• Premade products available in our store which can be Exclusive, Semi-Exclusive or Non-Exclusive.
• Custom products that can be ordered by opening a ticket on our discord server.


Premade products are designed to meet the few needs of a customer with a limited budget or who wants to have a product instantly without waiting for the creation phase.


Custom products are designed to 100% meet the needs of our customers through a direct conversation with our freelancers. Unlike premade products, these take time to create and can have higher costs.

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